Get Paid Faster With Chaser

Get paid faster with Chaser – and Alextra are certified Chaser partners!

If credit control is something you’ve been neglecting or you simply don’t have the resources, talk to us at Alextra. We are Chaser Certified partners!

Chaser is a cloud-based credit control software that exists to help carry out effective credit control. We have added this resource to our already effective credit control service, which helps our clients to boost their cash-flow and get them paid faster.

The beauty of Chaser – which can be used as an App or you can login via a web browser – is that it can effectively allow you to perform credit control tasks so much quicker than doing so manually.

It also provides personalised insights, so you can better decide which customers to grant credit to and how best to chase up customers to pay their invoices.

There are a variety of email templates to choose from, all carefully worded with the opportunity to quickly personalise each “chaser” email – and clients quickly see great results.

Chaser can also be used as an add-on to a range of existing cloud accounting software’s. For example, it can be connected to Xero & Quickbooks!

In fact, Chaser has won several accountancy and cloud-based app awards over the last 2 years and Alextra are pleased to be certified Chaser partners. Pictured are some of the team with Chaser t-shirts they sent to us in recognition of our partner status.