Corporate Finance

Alextra can assist in advising on corporate finance strategy, to help you develop, grow, expand or acquire businesses.

Assistance is available with future cash flow planning and modelling based on repayment of capital vs potential additional revenue.

Payback Period Modelling and Forecasting

Assistance in determining how long to achieve the potential return on investment

Due Diligence

Financial due diligence and independent analysis on proposed business improvement or acquisition. What is the potential impact on cash-flow?

Corporate Finance Provider

Help in sourcing different finance providers


Whilst the term “corporate” implies this capital is only raised by large multi-nationals, in fact there are thousands of SME’s raising funds for business improvement initiatives or acquisitions. The principal aim being to grow the business and increase shareholder value.

Alextra Accountants are here to assist businesses in their corporate finance planning, modelling and sourcing requirements.

Corporate finance is more than simply borrowing money from a financial institution. Whether it is for a new venture, business growth or acquisition, it is financially prudent to undertake rigorous forecasting, cash-flow analysis and due diligence to ensure you are raising additional capital with confidence.

This is where Alextra Accounting can add real value to your business.

Our experience in this arena – gained across many industries – may uncover some aspects that a business hadn’t previously considered.

Allow us to assist in the sourcing of corporate finance and where we believe the lowest interest rates may exist.


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