Financial Outsourcing

Many companies are increasingly preferring to outsource their finance department and operations, freeing staff from time consuming daily accounting tasks and redeploying them for work that generates revenue for the business.

Alextra provide a full service financial outsourcing service.

Bookkeeping, accounting and key management information is a specialist operation that performs regular daily tasks throughout the year.

However, many businesses find that running these processes internally to be cumbersome and expensive.

Therefore, many companies are increasingly preferring to outsource their finance and outsourcing operations, obtaining several benefits as a result.

Alextra offers a high-quality accounting outsourcing service that is being utilised by many organisations.

Benefits of financial sourcing includes:

• Strategic Redeployment of Staff
• Bookkeeping / Daily Accounting closely aligned to Management Accounts
• Digital and Cloud-based Accounting
• Advanced Accounting Technical Knowledge from our team of trained experts
• Flexibility and Scalability (we carry the staff costs & risks)
• Security and Confidentiality

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