Tax (Personal & Self Assessment)

If you are an individual, you may need to consider your self-assessment tax returns if you have earnt money in any way other than PAYE.

This could be inheritance, stock and shares, dividends or interest on savings among other things.

The most common form of personal / self-assessment are people that are self-employed or Directors of LLP’s or Limited Companies who need to complete personal tax returns as well as corporate filings.

Knowing your current tax position, and potential future revenue, allows for prudent personal tax planning too.

Tax Returns can be completed for…

• Individuals

• Sole traders

• Partnerships / LLPs

• Limited Companies.

We can deal with all correspondence from HMRC on your behalf, and make sure all returns are done on time so avoiding penalties.

Alextra are tax and self-assessment experts.

Let our experts do the work for you. They may well legitimately save you money via their extensive taxation knowledge.


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