Current, accurate accounts are a crucial element of helping businesses to make the right financial decisions.

Our approach to your accounts includes several key areas.


Pre year end planning

We will contact you 2-3 months prior to the year end of your business to review the results to date and ensure that we are pro-actively planning to minimise any future tax liabilities.

The results to date will also help us to support you in making key decisions such as asset purchases, pension planning and raising finance – to name a few.


Year end meeting

Once the year end accounts have been prepared, we will meet with you to discuss the final results and any other relevant matters.

As part of this meeting, we will also review a selection of key performance indicators to help you manage profitability and cash flow.

We will also work to help you understand your accounts and how to best interpret them to help aid your decision making.


How Alextra can help you

Key in delivering the above to you is our promise to turn around your accounts as quickly as possible following the receipt of your records, to ensure the information is current and more valuable to you when making decisions.

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