How We Help

Accountancy and Audit

Alextra Accountants have been providing first class accountancy and audit services since 2005. We are here to help individuals, sole traders, SME’s, medium sized businesses and large corporates with their accountancy and independent audit requirements.

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Tax Planning

Tax planning has an important role to play when considering your financial future. By carefully considering the tax implications of your financial plans, Alextra can reduce the amount of tax you have to pay, thereby increasing your disposable income.

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Wealth Management

Alextra’s highly experienced wealth management team help individuals secure their current and financial future. This includes retirement planning, pensions, investment advice, property ownership, building capital and tax efficiency. Our wealth management division helps our private clients on many aspects of financial planning. This includes giving advice on your current financial strategy and helping to provide a robust plan for expanding and protecting your future wealth. Alextra Wealth Management are pleased to help individuals of widely differing financial resources or life stages.

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Financial Outsourcing

Many companies are increasingly preferring to outsource their finance department and operations, freeing staff from time consuming daily accounting tasks and redeploying them for work that generates revenue for the business. We are able to provide a full service financial outsourcing service.

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Payroll Solutions

Managing your payroll in-house can be a real administrative burden. We can fully manage your payroll function, paying employees on time whilst keeping a close track on salaries, NI, tax and bonuses.

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Corporate Finance

Alextra can assist in advising on corporate finance strategy, to help you develop, grow, expand or acquire businesses. Assistance is available with future cash flow planning and modelling based on repayment of capital vs potential additional revenue.

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