Alextra Announce Associate Director Appointments

Alextra Group is delighted to announce the promotion of Joanne Hamilton to Associate Tax Director and the appointment of Wayne Riley as Associate Audit Director.

Joanne Hamilton’s Story:

With her extensive expertise in accountancy practice and tax management, Jo will be instrumental in expanding the tax practice in the upcoming years, increasing both headcount and the range of services the Group is able to provide to clients. She will also collaborate closely with her fellow directors to pinpoint tax planning opportunities for the Group’s current clientele, thereby augmenting the overall value that the Group provides.

Jo joined Alextra as Tax Manager in January 2022. With over 20 years of experience in handling tax issues large and small, Jo has strengthened the relationship between our Business and Wealth Management teams and helped us to provide a more holistic approach to business and personal tax planning for our clients.

Jo’s promotion to Associate Director of Tax comes at a key time in Alextra’s growth. She is looking forward to new challenges and adding value to the group’s tax offering.

 “Naturally, people often ask me: “why tax?” For me, it’s the work and the variety of clients I work with that I enjoy the most. Many people imagine that I spend a lot of time pouring over case law and legislation but it’s also a very people-focused role. From assisting businesses with the complexities of corporation tax to helping clients navigate inheritance tax legislation, no two clients are ever the same. Clients see real value when you tell them something that makes life easier, saves them money, or that they hadn’t thought of. I’m really looking forward to growing our team so that Alextra becomes the first port of call for people looking for support with their taxes”

Over the coming months, Jo will be looking to build meaningful connections across the business, grow her team, and create a strong network of professionals throughout Staffordshire and Cheshire.

“Alextra offers a wealth of services under one roof, including accounting and wealth management. It makes good business sense to us and our clients to ensure our tax offering is as comprehensive as possible. With our in-house expertise and network of external experts, our clients will benefit from a more holistic approach to business and personal tax planning and management.”

Jo looks forward to welcoming new clients and assisting existing clients with their tax queries, concerns, and obligations.

Wayne Riley’s Story:

With a wealth of auditing and accounting experience and a deep understanding of the industry, Wayne offers a wealth of expertise in his Associate Audit Director role.

Wayne’s proficiency in auditing and financial analysis extends beyond risk assessment and compliance. Throughout his career, he has developed a unique talent for uncovering growth and improvement opportunities during the audit process. This skill has proven invaluable in helping corporate clients to identify untapped potential and chart new paths to success.

Wayne’s previous experience has seen him working closely with a diverse range of corporate clients across various industries. His ability to think beyond the numbers and keen eye for detail allowed him to identify areas of improvement, streamline operations, and optimise financial performance.

“I am incredibly excited to join Alextra Group and begin the next chapter in my career. Working alongside the talented team of accountants, fellow auditors, and tax professionals, I look forward to growing the team and helping our clients to discover new opportunities wherever possible.”

 In his role as Associate Director, Wayne will continue to leverage his expertise to benefit the Group’s existing and new clients. From analysing financial statements to assessing internal controls and operational processes, he will help us to realise our collective goal of delivering strategic financial solutions to our clients.

“I’m looking forward to settling into my new role and helping the Group to foster growth and drive success for clients in every audit engagement. The plan over the next few months will be to grow the team, focus on personal development, and become a trusted advisor for clients looking to maximise their potential.”